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Think Performance is a psychology consulting firm focused on performance enhancement, leadership development and wellbeing in sporting and organisational settings.  Our services, training and workshops are all based on the practical principles found in both sport and positive psychology interventions.   Our passion is to assist individuals and teams develop strategies to unleash their best performances, whilst maintaining a focus on wellbeing and mental health.  

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Everyone is entitled to good wellbeing.  Whilst we all know that we are ultimately responsible for our own wellbeing, there are times we need some extra help to achieve this. Think Performance is here to help individuals and businesses develop wellbeing plans to get you or your organisation back on track!


At Think Performance we work with individuals and groups from both the sporting and corporate worlds. We can assist you or your team develop the strategies, culture and mindset to peak perform - no matter what field you play in!


Leadership is no longer just a title!  At Think Performance we know that navigating the challenges of leadership can be a complex journey.  We aim to help you understand the leadership puzzle and encourage you find your leadership vision, style and brand to become the leader you want to be and a leader that inspires others to succeed.  

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