Sport Psychology Workshops for Teens


Does your child feel nervous before exams or sporting competitions?  

Does he or she need to improve their focus, concentration or confidence?  

Would they benefit setting goals and making sport fun again!

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this workshop is not to be missed!

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Sport Psychology Workshop for Coaches


While Sport Psychologists can provide a valuable support to athletes, sports coaches can also benefit from an understanding Sport Psychology applications. 

We can support coaches to develop the skills and tools to effectively guide athletes in the development of their mental game.

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Sporting Parents - Supporting Teens


Parents have a critical  role in the sporting development of their children.  Positive parental involvement can help develop and maintain important skills such as self-esteem, motivation and social skills.

We aim to help parents make use of simple and effective techniques to support their child's sporting and personal performance.

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Wellbeing @ Work


Wellbeing is so much more than nutrition, exercise and quality sleep.  We approach wellbeing in a holistic way, looking a six domains of daily living to achieve your goals increase your overall happiness and flourish!

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Emerging Leaders


Contact us to discuss your requirements and we will work with you to customise a workshop for your future Leaders.

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Sport Performance Retreats


Our retreats and forums are designed to help you and your teen work together to enhance your child's life long connection with sport.

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